The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Allied Health

University of Buckingham’s Crewe Campus

The University of Buckingham is committed to achieving academic excellence in the delivery of our health care programmes. We believe in graduating a diverse group of clinicians and health care scientists who will be prepared for future practice and the globalisation of health care. Our graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and professional attributes to deliver high-quality care to service users across a wide range of care pathways and in a variety of different clinical, academic, industry and laboratory settings.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences have three schools, Medicine, Allied Health and Postgraduate Medicine. All of which strive to be renowned for distinctive areas of innovative interprofessional teaching, learning and assessment, recognised as institutions of choice for healthcare research and scholarship. Furthermore, we aim to be celebrated for our outstanding engagement with wider society and enriched by a dynamic network of partnerships.

What are we seeking to achieve?

  • To create a health sciences campus with a distinctly academic ethos, that anticipates the healthcare and life sciences sectors’ future interprofessional education and training needs in the UK and beyond.
  • This means being led by NHS and other industry partners’ current and future needs, but with a cast-iron commitment to academic rigour and excellence.

How are we different to other providers?

  • Our accelerated degree and pre-degree programmes enable students to enter the workforce more rapidly than is the case with other Higher Education providers.
  • A flipped model of industry engagement.  Whereas other providers merely consult the industry partners and ‘place’ their students in their organisations to gain experience, we have our partners co-design and use our clinical and other facilities, in addition to traditional forms of HE-NHS/industry engagement.
  • More specifically this means facilitating partners’ access to, for example, an inter-professional clinical skills and simulation facility, and an allied health treatment centre.
  • We are also actively seeking to have NHS and life sciences partners take space on our campus to deepen relationships founded on co-creation and co-development.