Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is an independent body that audits the quality of UK higher education through institutional reviews.   The reviews look at the way each Higher Education Institution (HEI) manages its own quality assurance activities and assures its own academic standards. The process is aimed at ensuring that HEIs are providing higher education, awards and qualifications of an acceptable quality and an appropriate academic standard; and exercising their legal powers to award degrees in a proper manner.   The University of Buckingham voluntarily takes part in this institutional review process. See Quality and Standards for more information.

Recognition by the GMC

Medical organisations in the UK have neither the power nor remit to quality assures MD or PhD degrees taken by physicians. This includes the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Royal College of Physicians. The University of Buckingham School of Medicine has been accepted by the GMC as a Postgraduate Institution Sponsoring Body. This enables the University to sponsor selected candidates enrolled on the MD programmes for full registration with the GMC without the need to pass the PLAB examination. Application for sponsorship for full registration will be made by the University to the GMC after the candidate has completed their first three months of the programme. This will enable successful candidates to proceed with the MD programme with full GMC registration, thereby enhancing their clinical training and experience.

The University of Buckingham does not currently appear on the GMC list of approved medical schools, or in the World Directory of Medical Schools as only those that offer undergraduate medical qualifications feature on these lists.

Universities UK

Buckingham is a member of Universities UK, the representative organization for British universities

International Recognition of the Clinical MD in General Internal Medicine from the University of Buckingham

University of Buckingham degrees carry the same recognition internationally as degrees from any UK university. However, country by country recognition of UK degrees depends upon the local regulations of that country, over which universities have no jurisdiction.  Obtaining clarification on the recognition of the course in other countries is the responsibility of the applicant/student.