computing students at a project presentation

Undergraduate project induction

25 October 2019

On 16 October, the School of Computing held a project presentation session for first year students, with the project co-coordinator, Dr Tuan Nguyen, giving academics the opportunity to showcase their project ideas for students to choose from in the upcoming months.

These presentations allow for students to gain an insight into the topic and the contribution they would have in science, society and interests of industrial companies. With topics relating to Ethical Hacking, Augmented Reality and autonomous machines, the development in computer science continues to branch out, becoming more diverse and creative as advancements in technology continue to grow. With each supervisor presenting their area of research, students are given a wide range of options to choose from, developing their knowledge and experience with an academic and given the opportunity to continue their research into a MSc.

Here are a few examples of projects proposed by academics to students:

Dr Harin Sellahewa – augmented reality prospectus, AR immersive platform for fundraising and new world analytics for data science and marketing.

Mr Hongbo Du – Florence Nightingale charity database, image processing and annotation, live data dashboard visualiser.

Dr Athar Ali – Machine learning for content-based retrieval, smart cyberbullying detection, Steganography (hiding messages within images), person and object re-identification.

Dr Tuan Nguyen – Multi-objective optimisation for timetabling, 3D object digital reconstruction, abnormal behaviour detection, virtual Batak in VR, autonomous toy car through perception and decision.

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