Pupilsfrom Bedford School for Girls taking part in a workshop with a robot

School of Computing workshop with Bedford Girls’ School

2 July 2019

Bedford school for girls visited The University of Buckingham, School of Computing on the 28th June. Their visit began with an introduction from the Interim Dean, Dr Harin Sellahewa along with an insight into their plan for the day. The class was divided into 3 groups, taken to 3 workshops with the group names of Java, C++ and Python, these names followed the theme of the workshops.

Workshop 1 began with Mr Hongbo Du presenting his workshop on computational problem solving, the problem began with the legendary hero Ali Baba and his 40 thief comrades of Baghdad, the only means of transport were camels, mules and donkeys. A camel could carry 6 boxes of treasure, a mule 4 boxes and a donkey only 2 boxes, the groups had to work out how many animals were needed to carry the treasure, without knowing the amount of treasure. This was a very engaging problem and allowed the students to think outside the box to find their solution.

Workshop 2 was curated by Dr Naseer Al-Jawad, in which he introduced the groups to the purpose of IoT and computer networks. This gave the students an insight into the functionality of WiFi, 3G/4G and product connectivity.

Workshop 3 was presented by two Computing PhD students; Anu Bose and Jehan Ghafuri, discussing the importance of Mathematics and Histograms. From introducing the students to the design of Alan Turing’s bombe to decipher the Enigma code to Katie Bouman’s algorithm which helped develop the first image of a black hole. Mathematics influences our society and discoveries.

University workshops give potential students an insight into their subject of interest and the article above gives you an example of a workshop with the School of Computing. If you are interested in attending or organising one of these workshops with The University of Buckingham, please contact us by email at info@buckingham.ac.uk to discuss further.

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