Publication of the week: Professor Anthony Glees

21 November 2016

Glees, A., “Prevention strategies to counter Daesh extremism in the UK”, in  B. Gorawantschy & R. Gunaratna (eds), Countering Daesh Extremism: European and Asian Responses (Singapore: International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research & Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 2016), 221-239.

This special issue of Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs analyses recent developments concerning Daesh extremism and their implications on societies in Asia and Europe. The papers share and discuss current and possible future threats, identify the target groups vulnerable to extreme militant ideology and examine the various recruitment channels. The counter-measures and de-radicalisation and rehabilitation efforts adopted by various governments have also been highlighted. Special attention was given to Daesh-linked activities in the respective countries, reactions by the local Muslim communities, and possible future developments as well as responses.

Professor Glees argues that security policy is a ‘dial’ and not a ‘switch’, and that at present the ‘dial’ needs to be turned up. He believes that the West should not be defeatist about Islamism but develop ever-more sensitive electronic ears and eyes and use the intelligence derived from them to continually improve our security.  He concludes that this would be wholly compatible with current demands for accountability on the part of secret agencies and for as much “translucency” and “transparency” as secret activities allow, provided that the UK retains its commitment to a sixteen-year tradition of Human Rights legislation.

The book can be viewed on the Konrad Adenauer Foundation website.

Anthony Glees is Professor of Politics at the University of Buckingham and directs its Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS).