Professor Anthony Glees

Emeritus Professor

Professor Anthony Glees, Director of BUCSIS at the University of Buckingham, the UK's favourite university

Anthony Glees MA MPhil DPhil (Oxford) is Professor of Politics at the University of Buckingham and directs its Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS). With a full programme of research and teaching (some thirty students are currently taking its MA, MPhil and PhD programmes) BUCSIS is one of the largest such centres in Europe.

He was a student at St Catherine’s College, Oxford and then an associate and senior associate member of St Antony’s College. His previous full-time appointments were at the Universities of Warwick and Brunel (where he was latterly professor of politics).

He has a specialist concern with Security and Intelligence issues and has written and lectured on aspects of the history of British intelligence, on the Stasi, on Islamism, on terrorism and counter-terrorism, on subversion in western democracies both today and in the past. He also takes a particular interest in European Union and German affairs and contemporary history (on which he has also published extensively).

He is the author of six books (four of which are single-authored), numerous chapters in books and scholarly articles. He is a member of the international advisory boards of the Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism at Macquarie University, Australia, the Asia-Pacific Foundation in London, the Research Institute for European and American Studies in Athens, Greece and the Oxford Intelligence Group. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Intelligence and National Security and The Journal for Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism and the Advisory Board of The Journal of Intelligence Ethics.

His work has received detailed and repeated attention from BBC TV and Radio (numerous outlets), ITN, Sky TV, CNN, Korean TV, Al-Jazeera and numerous radio networks in the USA, Canada, Germany and from ReutersThe Sunday TimesThe Daily TelegraphThe Wall Street JournalThe Daily MailThe Guardian and many other newspapers throughout the world.

Anthony Glees was the advisor to the War Crimes Inquiry in the Home Office (1988-90) and his work on the Stasi was debated in Parliament on 21 December 1999. He has also worked for the head of Current Affairs at BBC TV (1987-88). In January 2010 he was invited to give evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Homeland Security Group. He has been invited to speak to expert audiences within the UK, the United States and the European Union (since 2001 he has been a senior security policy advisor to the EPP Parties in the European Parliament via the European Ideas Network, the EIN and visited many European nations in this capacity). In January 2010 he was appointed a professor of trust (Vertrauensdozent) by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

He is a Member of the Peer Review College of the ESRC and of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

On 10 May 2018, he was invited to speak at the Cambridge Union, to move the motion that the UK should not participate in the FIFA2018 match in Russia, following the attack on the Skripals in Salisbury.

On 15 May 2018, he was invited to Berlin to give a keynote address to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on Brexit.

On 24 May 2018, he was invited to give Sir Francis Walsingham talk to the annual UK’s Intelligence Corps Dinner at the Headquarters of the Intelligence Corps, at Chicksands.

On 9 June 2018, he was a keynote speaker on Brexit and Europe at the University of Witten.

He was invited to give evidence on Brexit and Security to the House of Lords Europe Committee ‘Brexit and the Proposed UK-EU Security Treaty’


Most recent

Chapters in books and articles (excluding journalism)

Anthony Glees (2018) ‘Gechillte Royals, zermürbte Brexiteers’: Die zwei Gesichter Großbritanniens imSommer 2018 Politische Mitteilungen Nr. 552, September/Oktober 2018, 63. Jahrgang pp 65-69

Anthony Glees (2018) ‘Ein “Merkel Plan” fuer Afrika’ in Michael Rutz Gefaehrdete Welt: Einsichten und Auswege’ 2018 978-3-451-39986-2 Herder Verlag, Freiburg pp 60-73

Anthony Glees (2017) ‘Bye-bye Britain: Wie Angela Merkel den Ausschlag zum Brexit gab’ in Philip Plickert Merkel eine kritische Bilanz, 2017 978-3-95972-065-6 Finanzbuchverlag, Munich pp 199-219

Anthony Glees with James Ridley-Jones ‘Viewpoint: The Current Challenges to UK National Security and How They Might be Addressed’ The Journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers Vol 25 No 1 ISSN 1039-1525 pp 40-56 Read more in our Publication of the week section (14 August 2017).

Anthony Glees’ What Brexit means for British and European intelligence agencies’ in The Journal of Intelligence History(Abingdon: Taylor and Francis) Vol 16, July 2017

Anthony Glees (2017) ‘Current National Security Challenges’ Counter-Terrorism Magazine:

Anthony Glees (2016)  ‘Prevention Strategies to Counter Daesh Extremism in the UK’ in  Beatrice Gorawantschy and Rohan Gunaratna eds Countering Daesh Extremism: European and Asian Responses(Singapore: International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research & Konrad Adenauer Foundation) Reg no 201228783N pp 221-239 Read more in our Publication of the week section (21 November 2016).

Anthony Glees (2016) ‘Open Secrecy’ in Corneliu Bjola and Stuart Murray eds Secret Diplomacy: Concepts, Contexts and Cases (Abingdon: Routledge) ISBN 978-1-138-99935-0 pp 108-132 Read more in our Publication of the week section (5 May 2016).

Anthony Glees (2016) ‘The impact of intelligence on policy: an introduction to the “‘Secret Documents of the Second World War’ Taylor and Francis online publication to coincide with digitized publication of National Archive files on secret activity 1930s-1950” February 2016

Anthony Glees (2016) ‘Germany’s European Ambitions: the Future of the EU’

Anthony Glees (2015) ‘Intelligence Studies, Universities and Security’ British Journal of Educational Studies(Abingdon: Routledge) Vol 63 No 3 pp 281-310

Anthony Glees (2015) ‘European Security Intelligence’ in Edith Drieskens ed The Sage Handbook on European Foreign Policy Washington, London, Los Angeles: Sage  pp 264-277


Recent Op-Ed Articles

Anthony Glees (2018) ‘Sugarcoating Torture’ in The Globe Post’

Anthony Glees (2017) The People’s Daily (China)

Current UK Security Challenges, 13 July 2017

Anthony Glees (2017) The Sun

Anthony Glees (2017) The Daily Mail

Anthony Glees (2016) The Sun

Anthony Glees (2016) The Daily Mirror

Anthony Glees (2016) The People’s Daily (China)

Anthony Glees (2016) The New York Times

Anthony Glees (2016) The Sunday Guardian (India)


Media Appearances:

Numerous appearances on: BBC TV News Channel, Sky TV News, BBC Radio Two The Jeremy Vine Programme, BBC Newsnight, BBC Radio Four (The World Tonight, PM), BBC World Service TV, BBC World TV (Arabic Service), German National Television, Austrian State Radio, German National Radio, West German Radio, South West German Radio, Information Radio Berlin, BBC Scotland, many regional BBC Radio Networks including BBC South, BBC Oxford, BBC London, BBC Three Counties.

As well as many interviews for the printed media in the UK and the international media.

Official Meetings

Invited to Global Strategy Forum (Marquess of Lothian PC QC DL)
Meeting with Members of the Intelligence Oversight Committee of the Federal German Parliament (Norbert Stier, deputy chief of the German Intelligence Service)
Wilton Park Conference on future of Britain in Europe (Dr Hans Blomeier)
Oxford Conference on European Security Policy (Bernd Weber)
MoD Workshop on Russia, Pembroke College, Oxford (Dr Rob Johnson)
European Ideas Network conference, Albufeira, Portugal (Jaime Mayor Oreja MEP)
Cabinet Office / Brunel University, Workshop on “Ten Years after the Butler Review” (Prof Phil Davies)



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This article is available on the National Observer website

Glees, A. “Cooperation: an intelligent approach to security”, Public Servant (Feb. 2010), 3

Glees, A. “‘Intelligence without borders”, Defence Management (Feb. 2010)

Glees, A. “Global uncertainties: head to head, Glees v Hayes”, Institute for Ideas (2010)
This debate is available on the Debating Matters website

Glees, A. “The ‘Politics of Fear’ or effective counter-terror policies?”, in P. Major & C. Moran (eds), Spooked: Britain, Empire and Intelligence since 1945(Cambridge: Scholars Press, 2009), 1-22.

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This article is available on the Informaworld website

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Published reports

Glees, A.,  “Privacy and security”, invited submission to the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament, 8 February 2014.

Glees, A. & C. Pope, When Students Turn to Terror: How safe are British universities (London: Social Affairs Unit, 2005). ISBN: 1-904863-07-8 pp 79

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Glees, A. (ed. + intro.), German Transformation: New Perspectives on Unification (Online publication of the Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society, London, 2000). 152 pp.

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Glees, A. The Third Way’ (People and Politics 3, British Council, Science and Public Affairs, 1998).

Glees, A. Britain and Europe: Plus ça change? (People and Politics 1, British Council, Science and Public Affairs, 1998).

Glees, A. “The punishment of war criminals: the British Government view”, in War Crimes: Report of the War Crimes Inquiry (HMSO Cmnd 744, 1989), ch.3 [Official report for HM Government].

Selected Publications

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