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Professor Anthony Glees, Director of BUCSIS at The University of Buckingham, the UK's favourite university

Anthony Glees is recognised as a nationally and internationally published expert on European affairs, the British-German relationship and Security and Intelligence questions. The author of numerous books and scholarly studies in this field he is very frequently quoted in the national and international media, with recent appearances on Sky TV News, the BBC News Channel, ‘Hart Aber Fair’, ‘Anne Will’ and ‘Die Phoenix Runde’, London Times, Sun, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Star, New York Times,Xinhua/People’s Daily, DeutschlandRadio, WDR & many other networks.

He was educated at St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford. 1971-2 Michael Foster research Scholar, University of Oxford, senior associate member St Antony’s College. 2008-present Professor of Politics, and until July 2019, director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS).  Thereafter, Emeritus Professor at The University of Buckingham. Previously Professor of Politics & director of European Studies, then director of Centre for Intelligence and Security studies, at Brunel University, London.

Speeches, lectures and media appearances

Media contributions to Sky News, the BBC News Channel, BBC Radio Five Live, Jeremy Vine on ITV Channel Five, Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio Two; LBC (Matt Frei and Clive Bull), Talk TV, GBNews incl extended debate with Nigel Farage on refugee policy,  Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen ZDF Tagesschau, Maischberger (ARD Germany), SAT-1, Pro-Arte TV, Arise TV Nigeria; The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Star; Correrio Brazliense; radio i/v’s for France-24, NDR, SWR-1, InfoRadio Berlin

2024 – Forthcoming

‘Boris Johnson as the Great Corrupter of British Political Culture’ in Politische Skandale und politische Macht Thomas Poguntke ed, Nomos Verlag/CH Beck Baden-Baden pp 74-101


  • October: Appointed special Advisor to Lord Pickles, UK Special Envoy for Post-Holocaust Issues, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to assist with the Review of Evidence relating to prisoners held by the German forces and the SS on Alderney during the Second World War.
  • Lecture on ‘Political Corruption in British Politics since Brexit’ at the Institute for German and International Party Law and Research into Political Parties, Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf
  • German National Television (‘Das Erste’, ADR via NDR) All-day Commentary on the Coronation of King Charles III, 6 May
  • Consultant to exhibition ‘Women and War’ Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Op-ed and interviews for UK and international media

  • Audio interview discussing David Cameron, NDR, November 2023.
  • Interview in the Metro, ‘MoD worker lost their password when it fell out of pocket at petrol station’, also discussed in Index, November 2023.
  • Interview discussing Word War 3, Daily Star, October 2023.
  • Interviews in Daily Mail and i News discussing the Hamas attacks, October 2023.
  • Interview in The Sun, discussing Putin’s 71st birthday, October 2023.
  • The Guardian article, ‘Channel Island Nazis inquiry under pressure to find out why perpetrators never faced justice’, July 2023.
  • Interview discussing Kim Jong Un, Fox News, July 2023.


  • Keynote speaker ‘Europe post-Brexit’ at the Osnabrueck Peace Week, the City of Osnabrueck; with David McAllister MEP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, in Europa nach dem Brexit in Universitaet Osnabrueck Gemeinsam fuer den Frieden pp 22-23 12 May
  • Lecture University of Bonn ‘Refugee Policy in the UK post-Brexit’ 13 May
  • Keynote speaker ‘Elizabeth II and international relations’ the Ritz Hotel, London 2 June
  • German National Television (‘Das Erste’, ADR via NDR) All-day Commentary on the State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II, 19 September
  • Sonya, GRU officer and MI6 agent?’ Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, October 2022
  • The Body in the Bag



  • The Cambridge Union 10 May 2018, to move the motion that the UK should not participate in the FIFA2018 match in Russia, following the attack on the Skripals in Salisbury.
  • Berlin 15 May 2018  to give a keynote address to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on Brexit and Security.
  • The Sir Francis Walsingham talk 24 May 2018 to the annual UK’s Intelligence Corps Dinner at the Headquarters of the Intelligence Corps, at Chicksands, on Brexit and Security
  • Keynote speaker on Brexit and Europe at the University of Witten 9 June 2018
  • I was invited to give evidence on Brexit and Security to the House of Lords Europe Committee ‘Brexit and the Proposed UK-EU Security Treaty 
  • SIB, University of Groningen, 23 March
  • Tetralog’ Passau: on 7 July, with Martin Selymayr (European Commission) and Elmar Brok
  • VDMA Bayern 9th Summer Forum: Keynote after dinner speech on 16 July at the Bavarian SME Industrialists’ Assn annual meeting in Munch; Hotel Bayrischer Hof
  • Keynote speaker 1-5 August at the Kronbichl Seminar (Salzburg) with Prof Michael Stuermer and Thomas Kielinger
  • 13-15 September keynote speech ‘European Migrane?’ at a conference with the Thomas Mann House in Nida, Lithuania, organised by the British Council
  • 22 September 2019 Keynote speech to the Annual General Meeting of the Goerres Gesellschaft (Germany’s oldest learned scientific society) in Paderborn
  • 23 October Koenigstein/Frankfurt. Universal Investments Co. Frankfurt/Koenigstein
  • 7-9 November ‘Beyond the Berlin Wall’, YPO Conference, Berlin
  • TV appearances on Sky News 2 & 21 July, 18 August and 29 September; BBC World News; German tv ZDF and ARD (‘Maischberger’ twice, ‘Anne Will’ & ‘Phoenix Runde’ several times);
  • BBC Five Live, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales (several times); German radio, national and statePrint media quotes 2470 hits at present, national and international media

Member of outside academic bodies

Assessor for the Government of Ireland Research Schemes and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Member of peer review college of ESRC (UK) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and Government of Ireland Research board. Invited to give evidence to various parliamentary committees, including Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, House of Lords Europe Committee, All Party Parliamentary Committee on Homeland Security, All Party Committee on  the Rule of Law. I am a member of numerous editorial boards of scholarly journals in the UK, the USA and Australia. Board member of the Oxford Intelligence Group. 1990-2019 member of Wilton Board at FCO.

Work outside the academy: 1989-91 in the UK Home Office as advisor to the War Crimes Inquiry; 1998-2000 advisor to head of current affairs at BBC tv; 1997-2000 advisor to head of British Council, Germany.

Recent publications

Anthony Glees (2019) ‘Unter Beschuss: Akademische Freiheit in Zeiten des Brexit’ Politische Mitteilungen Nr. 558, September/Oktober 2019, 64. Jahrgang pp 102-8

Anthony Glees (2019) ‘Der Brexit, persoenlich genommen’ Politische Mitteilungen Nr. 554, Jan-Feb 2019, 64. Jahrgang pp 104-109

Anthony Glees (2018) ‘Gechillte Royals, zermürbte Brexiteers’: Die zwei Gesichter Großbritanniens im Sommer 2018 Politische Mitteilungen Nr. 552, September/Oktober 2018, 63. Jahrgang pp 65-69

Anthony Glees (2018) ‘Europa und der Brexit’ in Historisch-politische Mitteilungen: Archiv fuer Christlich-Demokratische Politik 25. Jhrg 2018 Boehlau Verlag, Wien, Koeln, Weimar ISBN 9783412514785  pp 239-247

Anthony Glees (2018) ‘Ein “Merkel Plan” fuer Afrika’ in Michael Rutz Gefaehrdete Welt: Einsichten und Auswege’ 2018 978-3-451-39986-2 Herder Verlag, Freiburg pp 60-73

Anthony Glees (2017) ‘Bye-bye Britain: Wie Angela Merkel den Ausschlag zum Brexit gab’ in Philip Plickert Merkel eine kritische Bilanz , 2017 978-3-95972-065-6 Finanzbuchverlag, Munich pp 199-219

Anthony Glees (2017) ‘Viewpoint: The Current Challenges to UK National Security and How They Might be Addressed’ The Journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers Vol 25 No 1 ISSN 1039-1525 pp 40-56

Anthony Glees (2017) ‘What Brexit means for British and European intelligence agencies’ in The Journal of Intelligence History (Abingdon: Taylor and Francis) Vol 16, July 2017

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