Publication of the week: Dr Harin Sellahewa

12 March 2012

Sellahewa, H., “Using an online student response system in small group teaching: a pilot study”, Italics 10.3, 38-42 (November 2011).

Student response systems (SRS) have been shown to be an effective tool in addressing some of the challenges of teaching and learning in large classrooms. Traditional student response systems are based on clickers: handheld devices used to transmit student responses to a receiver. In contrast, the EduMECCA SRS captures student responses via smart phones and tablet PCs that can be connected to the Internet. This paper is focused on the use of the EduMECCA SRS in small group teaching. A pilot study was conducted in the Applied Computing Department of the University of Buckingham where the EduMECCA SRS was used in a number of modules of the BSc in Computing programme. Student feedback indicates that the SRS has had a positive effect on student learning in small classrooms. However, practical issues may deter the widespread use of the SRS system within the Department / University.

Italics is the e-journal of the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Information and Computer Sciences.  The full text of the article is available through their website.

Dr Harin Sellahewa is Research Lecturer in Computer Science at Buckingham, where he teaches undergraduates and postgraduates. He holds a DPhil in Computing from Buckingham.