Sarah Davis discussing The Power of Design

Sarah Davis discussing The Power of Design

13 September 2019

On the 2 September, Sarah Davis held a seminar on The Power of Design, giving School of Computing students an insight into the importance of visualisation and the need and impact of user interface design to an audience. With the importance of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) aiming to target potential customers and future employers by designing a resumé. This enhances the effectiveness of visual hierarchy, Design Principles (e.g. Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity), Elements of Design, Call to Action, Tone of Voice. The resources on how to improve the target audience’s impression were also given to the attending students, allowing them to incorporate the knowledge within the design of their research.

Guest speakers who present at the University of Buckingham, such as Sarah Davis, give postgraduate and undergraduate students an insight into their research, showing them range of research projects which have been undertaken. This gives students and staff alike the opportunity to broaden their understanding of computing and identify areas of interest for further study. All are encouraged to attend the guest speaker and work in progress seminars.

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