Staff giving a presentation on pattern data and big databases

Dr Thomas Longshaw discussing Database Patterns and Big Data

13 September 2019

Dr Thomas Longshaw introduces Zizo Software, a Milton Keynes based company who specialise in providing a “schema-less” memory-based data warehouse capability and any form of analytical solution. Their projects include data analytics and logistic digital transformation with customer companies such as Marks and Spencer, BBC, Experian and Stella McCartney. Zizo Software has active partnerships with IBM, Intel, NVIDIA, Cambridge Wireless, Goonhilly and their latest to be with the University of Buckingham, exploring Artificial Intelligence for Big Data Analysis.

Dr. Longshaw presented an in depth look at an unusual in-memory database that solves the common problems of big data query by being more compact and efficient than normal databases. Covering topics including big data and its properties, math sort and dynamic memory structures. With the introduction of the ‘Zizo Pattern Database’, this enabled Zizo to create a database system that specifically meets the challenges of running in memory and dealing with big data efficiently. Thomas continues by explaining the database operations and the implementation process for different applications.

Our guest speaker from Zizo Software, Dr Thomas Longshaw, gave us a better understanding of Zizo technologies in handling big data query efficiently. This lecture also gave postgraduate and undergraduate students, and staff the opportunity to benefit from the discussion of ‘Database and Big Data Analysis’, possibly incorporating the new knowledge into their own study and research.

The University of Buckingham and Zizo Software collaboration will involve the research and development of AI-based systems for big data analysis. Both teams have diverse expertise in a number of research and development areas such as big data clustering/classification, pattern recognition and time-series analysis. UoB and Zizo research and development team planning to develop new and novel systems for different applications including: Smart Caching, Data Landscape (including pattern recognition, anomaly detection and pattern prediction) and Narrative Data Analysis (including speech to action). If you are passionate about doing your final year project, master by research or PhD in one of the aforementioned areas, feel free to contact Dr. Alaa AlZoubi (

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