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Woke: the Origins, Dynamics and Implications of an Elite Ideology

This 15-week course presents a theoretical, historical and social scientific analysis of cultural socialism. Uniquely among university courses worldwide, it focuses attention on the western cultural left and its accompanying symbolic system of wokeness – defined as the sacralization of minority identity.

The aim is to assess woke in an empirical and analytical manner rather than from a particular political or normative position.

The course begins by defining terms and setting out competing theories regarding the origin and reproduction of wokeness in the West. Students will obtain a grounding in the history, ideology, organizational dynamics, public opinion, electoral implications, policy aspects and philosophy of this idea. This will involve consideration of how woke interacts with classical liberalism, populism and conservatism to produce a recursive radicalizing pattern, abetting polarization. Woke will also be examined in light of global population shifts and techno-economic developments.

The course is non-credit bearing, with students able to select from one of three options:

Option A

  • Self-Study.
  • 15 Exclusive Lectures; Video and Audio Files
  • Lecture Slides (downloadable)
  • Readings based on leading research
  • Price: £80

Option B

  • Lecture with one 90-minute seminar per week.
  • 15 Exclusive Lectures; Video and Audio Files
  • Lecture Notes (downloadable)
  • Readings based on leading research
  • 15 Group Seminars
  • Price: £480

Option C

This is for prospective students who are interested in completing:

  • 1-year Master’s Degree in the Politics of Culture based on a 35,000-word dissertation (£8,627)


  • PhD based on 80-100,000 word dissertation (£8,627 per year for 3 years)

Note: Option C would begin in October 2024. Availability is limited for capacity reasons, with places allocated based on the date/time stamp of when interest was registered.

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