Press Release: Honorary Graduate Award for John Bercow

16 March 2013

John Bercow has been made an Honorary Graduate by the University of Buckingham.

He was one of five who had their awards conferred on them at ceremonies on Friday and Saturday (15 & 16 March). The others were Dr Anthony Seldon, Sir Ivan Lawrence, Professor Stephen O’Rahilly and Professor Romilda Rizzo.

John Bercow is a regular speaker at the University of Buckingham’s Concerts and Lectures series. Politics, Economics and Law students are always keen to attend and ask lots of questions afterwards. He has always been very generous with his time. Last year he hosted an Alumni party in Speaker’s House and has attended other University events in the Commons.

Dr Anthony Seldon is an authority on contemporary British history and headmaster of Wellington College. He is also author or editor of over 25 books on contemporary history, politics and education. Dr Seldon, with Professor Peter Hennessy, founded the Institute of Contemporary British History.

Sir Ivan Lawrence is one of Britain’s leading criminal lawyers, having practised at the Bar for over 50 years. He has defended in 90 murder trials, including the notorious Kray twins, the serial killer Denis Nilsen, Russell Bishop for the Babes in the Wood murders, and the trials of the Brinks-Mat gold bullion robbery, and of Yugoslav war crimes.

Stephen O’Rahilly is Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine at the University of Cambridge and Honorary Consultant Physician at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where he led the establishment of the Institute of Metabolic Science, which he now co-directs. Professor O’Rahilly has sought to better understand the molecular and endocrine disorders.

Professor Romilda Rizzo graduated in Political Sciences from the University of Catania and has a DPhil (1989) from the University of Buckingham, UK. She is Professor of Public Finance at the University of Catania and has directed several editions of the Postgraduate Master on the Economics of Cultural Sector held by the “Scuola Superiore” of the University of Catania.


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