QMOD-ICQSS Conference 2018 - University of Buckingham

Co-hosting the 21st QMOD-ICQSS Conference in Cardiff

30 July 2018

QMOD-ICQSS Conference 2018 - University of Buckingham

This summer The University of Buckingham co-hosted the 21st QMOD-ICQSS Conference in Cardiff. QMOD is the largest international Quality Management and Organisational Development conference that attracts around 200 delegates.

The main theme was ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Quality in the 4th Industrial Revolution’.  The organisers felt it was the right time to reflect on the existing TQM frameworks including the concepts of Business Excellence, Operations Excellence, Lean, and Six Sigma in order to gain a deeper understanding of the quality movement, thereby improving the possibility to diagnose and discuss the future direction of the movement.

Among the great line-up of speakers was our own John Bicheno who gave inspirational keynote and plenary presentations.  He represented Pauline Found (one of the main organisers of the conference) who is also a Professor of Lean Operations Management at The University of Buckingham and the Programme Director of the Professional Doctorate in Operational Excellence. 

Four of her Professional Doctorate students – Pablo Colman, Gery Ellis, Robin Howlett and Richard McMeekin were among several delegates to present papers which were reviewed by the scientific committee. 

We are delighted to announce that Gery Ellis was presented with Best Paper Award for ‘Benzaemon Inoue, Sumitomo Electric and the Origins of Quality Circles’.