Buckingham BARBRIBARBRI offers preparation courses to suit every type of law student and legal professional. Regardless of whether you are seeking qualification as a solicitor in England and Wales or you are a student aiming to pass a U.S. bar exam, BARBRI supports you on your journey to becoming qualified or dual-qualified. 

Over 1.3 million students worldwide have succeeded with BARBRI, so whatever your needs, wherever you’re studying in the world, BARBRI gives you the most proven legal examination prep available. If you would like to find out more about how BARBRI prepares you to sit the SQE, the team would be happy to help here. 

The University of Buckingham has partnered with BARBRI to offer Buckingham LLB and LLM graduates a 20% discount on all SQE1 Prep and Extended Bar courses. 

Qualify as a solicitor in England & Wales

For those who wish to qualify as solicitors in England and Wales, regardless of your degree background, you can prepare to sit the SQE exam with confidence through the innovative BARBRI SQE Prep courses. There are multiple, flexible course options available as well as various funding opportunities through scholarships and student loans.  

SQE1 Prep

Option 1: 40-week part-time course, 10-12 study hours per week 

Option 2: 20-week part-time course, 20 study hours per week 

Option 3: 10-week full-time course, 40 hours study per week 

All SQE1 Prep courses are priced at £2,999. 

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SQE2 Prep

The BARBRI SQE2 Prep course is delivered part-time over the course of 12 weeks. 

The Standard SQE2 Prep course is priced at £3,499.  

The BARBRI SQE1 Alumni is priced at £2,999. 

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