Student Union Welfare Officer

Bella, Student Union


About my role

Bella champions student support and welfare within the University of Buckingham. She represents the welfare needs of students and acts as a bridge between the university and the student population.

About me

Hi I’m Bella! Humbly your student union welfare office for the Autumn and Winter term 2019/2020. I am beginning my second year in International relations and Journalism, loving it every step of the way! I have been fortunate to grow up and live in various parts of the world, and this has afforded me the mindset to realize that we all have more in common that we recognize if we just take the time to listen in order to understand and not take the negative actions of others personal.

I am a mature student embarking on a new degree after a couple of years in the workforce, a mother to a wonderful little girl, happy and young at heart yet an old soul- think Ava Gardner, Sidney Poitier, Casablanca, Toni Morrison. To define me in a nutshell, loyal, a nomad at heart (I bit the wanderlust bug), empathic, extremely intuitive, love filled, and I strongly believe that words are the singular most powerful tool to living your best life NOW! Positive affirmations always. I genuinely want to see people reach their best potential and exceed their goals, i applaud your milestones, we’re in this together, you are not alone.

What I’m working on

  • To represent and seek the welfare of students related to community and welfare, as well as liaising with student first on the demands and need at UOB
  • To encourage, support and ensure that students thrive mentally, socially, academically, while enjoying their time at university in a safe and happy environment.
  • Increasing student participation in the university sports teams, gym classes thereby improving the overall physical and mental welfare of the student body.
  • To create opportunities for more social inclusion for mature students in the university.
  • Working in line with Robin and Daria to fulfill their overall vision for the SU.

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