Student Union Vice-President

Daria, Student Union Vice-President


About my role

Daria assists the President, which includes attending various meetings and audits to represent students’ views. Daria publishes a fortnightly blog to ensure accountability of the student executives to the wider student body who voted them into office; she also coordinates access hours to make sure that all executives are available to talk to students every week.

As Student Happiness Champion, Daria distributes Action for Happiness resources among the student body, and organises or co-organises themed events, such as gratitude workshops. At the end of each month, she rewards a student for their showcase of optimism and/or resilience, or for successful completion of a task on the themed action calendar (e.g., Optimistic October). Day-to-day she acts as a friendly point of contact to students.

About me

Hi! My name is Daria. I’m in the last term of my undergraduate degree in English Literature with Psychology, and I’m looking forward to starting an MA by Research in January. I have a multicultural background having lived in Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, and the UK.

One of my biggest joys is being part of Buckingham’s tight-knit community, and trying my best to brighten as many students’ days as possible. My experience of serving the Buckingham community also includes the following:

  • Student Representative for the Board of Humanities and Social Sciences (2018—)
  • Vice President and co-founder of the Free Speech Society (2019—)
  • Co-President of the English Literature Society (2018—19)
  • Secretary & co-founder of Buckingham’s first Pride Society (2018—19)
  • Vice President of the Psychology Society (2017—18)
  • Student Ambassador (2018—)

What I’m working on

Executive Accountability: Ensuring that SU Executives share what they’ve been up to with the students who voted them in! I’ve been publishing fortnightly blog entries for the last eight months to make sure this is happening.

University Learning and Teaching Committee: I was nominated to be the SU representative on this university-wide committee. This means getting to the heart to any academic concerns that students may have and passing them on for consideration, once discussed with the rest of the executive.

Happiness: I share resources to do with resilience and optimism with students, both via social media, print, and at Freshers events. I hosted a Gratitude Workshop last year, and have co-organised similar events; I of course plan to continue this.

Team Goals: The Students’ Union Constitution states that I am, first and foremost, an officer of the union. Manifesto goals aside, my job is to represent students’ views at any meetings or audits, as requested, and to support the President. I also support any SU ventures, whether that is late-night parties, daytime events, or fundraising. Finally, I represent and promote the SU at large events such as Open Days or Freshers.

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