Student Union Secretary

Kris, Student Union Secretary


About my role

Honorary Student Union Secretary, not the most exciting role on paper I know, yet I am the bridge between the students, staff and the Student Union. Having to mediate between them impartially, so that they are all afforded the opportunity to relay their thoughts – free of discrimination. The term “honorary” being used deliberately, as to ensure that there is an non-partisan member of the union.

Why you?

  • In a challenging and new environment, students face many difficulties as well as being presented with a platform to suggest realities they wish to see manifest at the university. It is the students that don’t come forward and relay their ideas that miss something out of the uni experience, don’t let that be you!
  • Inspiring confidence in the Student Union is essential so that students are reassured that their voices are heard reliably and devoid of discrimination.
  • As the member who drafts up the minutes and agendas for the Student Union, help that individual needs are appropriately attended to as well as accounted for. Stamping out preferential treatment and favouring a more impartial and pragmatic approach.

Tenure goals

  • To create a sympathetic and collaborative environment for both students and societies, through the generation of a transparent system between the Student Union, Societies and student body. Creating an informative system would encourage accountability, debate and provide a platform for collective action.
  • The Student Union Constitution is antiquated and has exceeded the ability to function properly after two decades – with a lack of a flexible or dynamic system to account for changes with the Student Union or University over time. One of my goals would be to create an independent committee, to preside over a constitutional reform of the Student Union’s Constitution – this would allow for a stronger foundation, that would build upon: accountability, engagement, and the three C’ of consistency, clarity and continuity and the provision information through transparency and a platform for voices to be heard above anything else. Such a platform would offer a rope to anyone wishing to climb out of the norm and press social change through any and all aspects of the University!/student experiance.
  • These goals – in turn – would promote a more sympathetic environment, where the Students Union would be more accessible to students bringing emphasis back onto student’s individual needs. Generating a culture where voices are encouraged to be heard and are heard, rather than being drowned out.

Why me?

  • Functioned as an Ambassador and Trustee for the Youth Association national charity for 3 years, which had me functioning as a minute and agenda provider, As well as having presided over the formal constitutional re-work after 114 years
  • Acted as a voluntary amanuensis for a Councillor working in the Wakefield area, attending regular meetings and presiding over minutes and agendas
  • Prior experience within the SU, working as the Secretary for the Gaming Society February 2018 – September 2018 and Vice President of the Pride Society July – September 2018
  • Formerly worked as an administrator in the NHS, working as secretary to an Assistant Director. Learning how to formally and appropriately manage meetings in a professional manner
  • 12 months already working as SU Secretary, consecutive tenures allow me to follow through in my goals and hit the ground running every time.
  • Operations manager at a theme park means I have formative experience in multi-functioning “front of house” experiences in service delivery, understanding how to meet understand and meet a multitude of wants and needs of prospective individuals.

Final comments

Build upon and utilise my prior experience to ensure that the roles of the secretary are fulfilled, as well as expanded upon – hopefully ensuring, that even if perhaps not in my tenure, it should provide the ropes for upcoming SU Executives to better account for the needs of the students.

So, let’s do it.