Professor Gert-Rudolf Flick

Visiting Professor in History of Art

Gert-Rudolf-FlickProfessor Gert-Rudolf Flick holds a PhD in Law (University of Munich) and is a scholar of European art history covering the period from the 16th-19th centuries. The former publisher of Apollo art magazine is a recognised collector of old masters, Italian vedutà and 17th-19th century silver. Professor Flick is the author of Missing Masterpieces – Lost Works of Art, 1450–1900 (Merell, 2002); Masters and Pupils: The Artistic Succession from Perugino to Manet 14801880 (Hogarth Arts, 2008); and Taste and the Arrow of Time (forthcoming). He lectures in English and German.

Professor Flick pursues his research in London, where he also lives with his family. Currently he focuses on how taste in art changes over time.