University clamps down on drugs

25 February 2016

The University of Buckingham has forged closer links with Thames Valley Police to tackle drug abuse on campus. Regular meetings have been set up with the police and an officer has been given access to University buildings to carry out regular patrols. The University also invited in a team of police and a sniffer dog to do an inspection of campus buildings.

Buckingham has tightened up its procedures so that any student caught with drugs will face an extremely severe penalty. University staff will share relevant information with police and work closely with officers to stamp out drug abuse.

Vice-Chancellor Sir Anthony Seldon said: “Illegal drugs are one of the key factors behind the severely worsening mental health problems in Britain we have been hearing about recently. Pastoral care is a top priority at Buckingham, and, with the University leading the National Student Survey (NSS) for student satisfaction, it would appear that by and large our students are content and, unlike larger universities, we do not have a problem with drug abuse.

“However, we cannot afford to be complacent, and we have joined forces with Thames Valley Police in their town-wide drive to tackle drug misuse.

“While nothing was found by the sniffer dog, this sent a clear message to students that drug abuse will not be tolerated by the University or by the local community.”

Students have been notified that the University’s drugs policy has been tightened up so they can be in no doubt that drug abuse will incur a stiff penalty. The University of Buckingham would encourage anyone to contact Student Welfare if they have any concerns about illicit substances.