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UK work visas for international graduates to be extended to two years

12 September 2019

The University of Buckingham is heartened by the announcement of the new two year post-study work visa for international students studying in the UK. Buckingham has one of the most diverse student bodies in the country – hailing from more than 80 different nations – and these students contribute significantly to the life of our university, town and region.

“Granting international students the opportunity to stay and work after their studies sends an important signal that the UK welcomes and wishes to nurture global talent,” said Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor.

“This is a step in the right direction: but we still have a way to go before we can compete for international students with the likes of Canada – where they have relaxed application timeframes and graduates can stay for up to three years.

“The announcement will contribute to a stronger UK economy and important regional initiatives, such as the Oxford-Cambridge ARC, technology industries in Milton Keynes and Silverstone, along with the creative arts sector in Buckinghamshire – with Pinewood, Warner Brothers and other major film studios. Organisations across the UK will have better access to this international talent from our universities.”

The two-year honours degree at the University of Buckingham has long attracted students from around the world, from Europe, Nigeria, Ghana, North America and Australiasia. Students and graduates benefit through global networks, international perspectives embedded in their degrees, and develop valuable networks across the world.

Commenting on the news, Daria Ermolenko, Student Ambassador and English Literature with Psychology student said, “It’s great to see that the government recognises the hard work, value, and contribution of international students to many different areas over the course of their student life. It’s another step towards justly rewarding competence”.

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