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The first MBA to use AI to adapt content to each student’s individual learning style launches with the University of Buckingham

4 June 2019

The Masters of Business Administration, in collaboration with Oxademy Business School, will use Oxademy’s cutting-edge distance learning platform and adaptive learning AI to suit the needs, style and professional skills of each student.

The University of Buckingham accredited course is the university’s first venture into online courses.

Whether the students are visual, logical, physical or verbal learners, the platform will provide a highly individualised learning experience that should provide much better learning results.

All students will start the course on the same path and depending on their background knowledge and how they learn best, the system will personalise content to help them succeed to their highest ability.

The Oxademy programme provides a 24/7 live tutor that can be accessed through video chat, live chat, messenger or phone calls. Students can tune into live seminars hosted at the University of Buckingham with other students or catch up at a time that suits them.

Oxademy’s software will provide flexibility to study the full course at distance or combine it with an optional campus experience in and around Buckingham with additional global Learning Expeditions at prestigious locations.

The programme is taught through an online platform that can be accessed by computer, smartphone, tablet and will even send notifications to wearable technology such as an Apple Watch.

Students can access millions of online relevant articles and books and can contribute their own content to help improve the course for future users. This could be by referencing a website, an event or a timely news article, or a reflection on their own business experience.

Core topics covered are Strategy, Business Environment, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Spirt, Marketing, Technology Management, Operations, Strategic HR and Leadership and Teamwork. Students can then choose a specialist module in either Leadership and Strategic Management, Cyber Security, Negotiation and Conflict Management or Islamic Finance.

CEO of Oxademy Business School, Professor Keith Straughan said: “Oxademy is proud to offer this MBA degree in conjunction with the highly-respected University of Buckingham.

“The University has a worthy reputation for breaking the academic institutional mould, just as Oxademy Business School is praised as a disruptor of educational methodology through its ground-breaking adaptive AI learning technologies.

“Conventional online learning is very rigid and directs each learner along an identical linear learning path without regard to the learning needs or preferences of the individual. This often makes online courses uninspiring. We use a sophisticated AI engine at the heart of the platform to recognise and adapt to the needs of each user to create a personalised learning path. This provides a more immersive learning experience with consequent greater engagement and better outcomes.”

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Anthony Seldon said: “The University’s partnership with Oxademy Business School is an important step in our continued quest for innovation in pedagogy.

“I am convinced of the potential impact of artificial intelligence as a new paradigm in teaching and learning and the University is delighted to be pioneering its application in higher education through the world-leading Oxademy learning platforms.

“Together, we are committed to deliver an immersive learning experience of the highest quality regardless of a student’s geographical location and time constraints.”

The programme commences every month with a flexible length depending on individual circumstances ranging for a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of five years.

The course can be paid for in one go or even as a pay-as-you-go degree. This allows users to pause on the course and continue at a later date.

To find out more or to apply, please visit the Oxademy website.