Ten-D innovations visiting the University of Buckingham

Ten-D Innovations visit to Buckingham

4 October 2019

Ten-D Innovations chairman Mr Qifu Chen and Dr Yi-Cheng Zhu of Renmin Hospital visited the University of Buckingham earlier this week to meet the whole team at Ten-D Buckingham Research and Development Centre and review work progress.

Since the partnership launched in 2018, the research team developed an effective deep learning solution to enable recognition of thyroid and breast cancers from ultrasound images with accuracy levels that were higher than those made by trained non-specialist doctors in clinics. The Automatic Cancer Detection software was announced at the Shanghai press conference in May this year. Since then, the Ten-D Innovations Research and Development Centre has continued its advancements in cancer image analysis with the support of Mr Chen and his team.

During Mr Chen’s visit to Buckingham, Mr Hongbo Du (co-ordinator of the Buckingham Ten-D Centre) and Dr Alaa AlZoubi (Research Fellow) introduced him to the research team, reported the work progress made so far and planned project activities for the coming years. Mr Chen had a lunch with the entire Ten-D research team at Ondaatje Hall. This gave Mr Chen and his team an insight into areas of focus for the research students in deep learning, cancer recognition and detection. Mr Chen was satisfied with the progresses made and shared Ten-D Innovations strategies with the Buckingham research team. The visit concluded with Ten-D Innovations discussing the next steps for the centre. A future visit to Shanghai has been planned to expand the scope of the collaborative work with potential new partners.

Dr Yi-Cheng Zhu of Renmin Hospital who accompanied Mr Chen on this visit is staying on and working closely with the Buckingham research team as the domain expert. A one-day workshop is organised to facilitate knowledge exchange between the research team and end users.

During his visit, Mr Chen also revealed the plaque at one of the electric vehicle charging stations donated by Ten-D Innovations.