Talk by Dr Harin Sellahewa to the Biometrics Institute

9 March 2015

Using steganographyDr Harin Sellahewa was invited to give a talk at the Biometrics Institute Member Meeting held at the Australian High Commission in London on 27 February 2015. His talk, “Using steganography to enhance security of biometric data exchange, presented a novel steganography technique to embed face biometric data inside an image that can be exchanged over an unsecure communication channel (e.g., uploaded on Instagram or Facebook) without arousing the suspicion of a third-party who could be monitoring the sender/receiver of the data and/or the communication channel. Among the applications of this new technique are security and journalism. The talk was based on the work of Rasber Rashid, a DPhil candidate in Applied Computing whose research is jointly supervised by Professor Sabah Jassim and Dr Harin Sellahewa.

Among the speakers of the day was the Biometrics Commissioner, Alastair MacGregor, who gave an update on his Annual Report 2013-14 on the retention and use of biometric material.