Student holding a chincilla as part of a 'de-stress' event

Students board Nesta’s Ark ahead of upcoming exams

10 June 2019

The University of Buckingham recently hosted an inaugural visit from ‘Nesta’s Ark’, as part of the recent De-Stress Festival, with the visit sponsored by the Friends of the University.

Nesta’s Ark is a mobile zoo that aims to promote a feeling of calm and wellbeing through interaction with a range of animals.  More than 200 students attended (most with exams just around the corner), along with University staff, alumni and local community members.Student holding a skunk as part of a'de-stress' event

Some students sat with an animal and were happy just to be still; others were more into the fun of the experience, there was lots of laughter (especially when handling the snakes).

Frank the giant tortoise was on an unknown mission, and the puppies were very popular, as were the more energetic adult dogs. The latter happily sat, walked and ran amongst the students and staff all afternoon and even enjoyed the occasional dip in the river.

The Friends of the University Secretary, Graham Barker, who organised the visit together with the University’s Students’ Union and Students First teams, said: “Despite having exams just around the corner, many students took time out to attend and it was a very successful first visit.  The Friends are now in discussions with the University for return visits in November 2019 and February 2020.”

Other activities in the De-Stress Festival included meditation lessons and massages.

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