Student Wellbeing Harnessed with Horse Grooming Session

2 November 2022

As the Friends of The University continue to tackle loneliness and encourage the importance of student wellbeing, a group of Buckingham students recently had the unique experience of visiting Bryerley Springs Equestrian Centre, Great Brickhill.

The session, led by Gillian St Ledger Smith, consisted of a demonstration in horse grooming, along with an introduction on their behavioural psychology, creating a deeper understanding of their needs. Equipped with their new knowledge, each student picked a horse and, through grooming techniques, became familiar with the animals.

Since the successful visit, the students have reported back on their positive experiences with the horses, confirming the calmness created through the interactions. The group consisted of both home and international students, so the trip introduced an entirely new culture to some of the students. Plus, the trip created an overall fun and memorable social occasion that brought each of the students together.