Sarajevo Partnership Graduation

Sarajevo Partnership Graduation

1 November 2019

On 28 September, the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology held its annual graduation ceremony for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of Computer Science and Information Systems, Political Science and International Relations and Economics with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, validated by the University of Buckingham.

The Graduation Ceremony took place in Sarajevo city, Bosnia & Herzegovina and was attended by Matthew Field (British ambassador for Bosnia & Herzegovina), Dr Frances Robinson (Head of Collaboration office) and Dr Naseer Al-Jawad (The School of Computing link tutor/Research Officer), representatives of The University of Buckingham.

In the remarkable event graduates and their families, and friends were invited to celebrate this occasion.

University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) is the only university in Bosnia and Herzegovina whose graduates acquire an internationally recognized dual diploma of the University of Buckingham. The collaboration and partnership between these two universities are truly unique and has been extended to the development and maintenance of the highest academic standards and education system at the European and global level.

Sarajevo Partnership Graduation

Two students of the SSST and University of Buckingham partnership received their dual degree at the graduation ceremony.

Dr Naseer Al-Jawad, Senior Lecturer and Research Officer at The University of Buckingham, said “The event was fantastic and well organised especially with attendance of the British ambassador, graduates’ families, the staff, and guests. A reception was held in the University’s restaurant where everybody was networking and congratulating each other for this remarkable event.”