Deputy Chief Janice Holmes presenting University of Buckingham Conference

NYPD Chief highlights the importance of Diversity as an Intelligence Asset

7 March 2023

In the latest of BUCSIS’s regular intelligence related conferences held on 1st March 2023, Deputy Chief Janice Holmes, the Executive Officer for the New York Police Department’s  Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Bureau delivered a presentation on the importance of diversity as an intelligence asset.

Chief Holme’s highlighted four key benefits for having a diverse workforce operating in intelligence units. Diversity fosters trust between police and communities, it encourages public reporting, it streamlines communication and enhances investigative work.

The event was hosted by BUCSIS in support of the NPCC Intelligence Practice Research Consortium intelligence event and the National Crime Agency. It attracted other speakers drawn from the Home Office Intelligence Directorate, the National Crime Agency, Ottawa Provincial Police, the University of Northampton, Kings College London, the Royal United Services Institute, the City of London Police and Military Intelligence. The next event is scheduled for July 2023 and will be themed around cyber and intelligence.