In the news – August 2016

2 August 2016

TV and radio appearance:

Professor Glees was interviewed about:

  • the latest IS-inspired terror attack in Rouen on Talk Radio, BBC News Channel, BBC Radio Two’s Jeremy Vine Programme, Premier Christian Radio and BBC Oxford
  • the UK border agency issues on BBC Radio London Vanessa Feltz Show
  • ‘lone wolf’ terrorists on Sky TV News
  • the Hinkley Point nuclear reactor on LBC’s Lunchtime Big Conversation programme
  • armed police units on BBC Three Counties and BBC Oxford
  • the death of a British man fighting with Kurds in Syria on BBC Berkshire
  • ten years of airport security as Julia Hartley-Brewer’s studio guest on Talk Radio
  • the reported and tragic death of the Bethnal Green schoolgirl in Raqqa on BBC Radio London
  • the conviction of Anjem Choudhry by BBC Oxford and by Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London
  • Brexit by Bavarian Radio

Print appearances:

  • “Cyber threat is too great to risk it, says former top spy”, Sunday Telegraph, 31 July
  • “Poland Prepped to Keep World Youth Day Secure”, National Catholic Register, 28 July
  • “Αντονι Γκλις: Ασφάλεια χωρίς ελευθερία μπορεί να υπάρξει, ελευθερία χωρίς ασφάλεια όχι”, To Vima, 31 July
  • “Princess Eugenie blasted by security experts for tipping off terrorists to her daily routine in Harpers Bazaar interview”, The Mirror, 10 August
  • “Security review after chief constable’s Facebook page left public”, Police Professional, 15 August
  • “Only Peter Mandleson types win with China deal”, The Sun, 14 August
  • “MI5 dropped security alert while Osborne courted Beijing”, The Times, 13 August
  • “Police chief’s security blunder over Facebook; Personal page open to public”, Scottish Mail on Sunday, 14 August
  • “He’s just as dangerous inside as out: Twisted terror preacher Anjem Choudary will spread his hate in jail and turn hordes of lags into radicals”, The Sun, 17 August