Male and female students studying in a lecture theatre

EIBF Computing Competition

12 April 2019

The School of Computing and the Engineering in Business Fellowship began a competition for students on the evening of April 11th. Our two Alumni members, Sahand Shahriari and Godwin Ebikwo gave us a presentation on their progress from the competition, explaining that your idea doesn’t need to stop once the event ends. They showed us their app called “Band-up”, which combined features from social media and aspects of the music industry, allowing musicians to find fellow music enthusiasts who they could collaborate with. From this, they managed to gain an entrepreneurship visa and plan to make their app public once more publicity and support has been made.

Once the presentation ended, students were then given the opportunity to ask questions, start forming their own teams and create ideas with one another. With a grand prize of £1,500 for the top team, students were getting very passionate about their concepts, with some remaining behind once the session had finished for the evening.

We shall see what ideas come to fruition in the competition finale on May 3rd in the Vinson Building Auditorium.

For the School of Computing, we aim to hold events where students can showcase their talents and knowledge while also having the opportunity to gain experience or prizes as a result. Events such as these give students the opportunity to create fresh ideas which could be implemented alongside their research as evidence or for their resume.

This also gives them a chance to make friendships with new teams in a relaxed environment.

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