Buckingham student offers scholarship to disabled students

3 December 2021

The University of Buckingham is delighted to announce that our Master of Business Administration student Zikang Li (also known as Peter) will now be an official recruitment agent for the University.

Zikang started his company Panda Education Consultation in 2019 and has been helping to research and develop our Chinese market for student recruitment while completing his studies. Zikang is now approaching the end of his time studying at Buckingham, but wants to leave a legacy at Buckingham by supporting the University’s efforts to deliver inclusivity for disabled students from anywhere in the world.

The CEO of Panda Education Consultation will offer his commission fee as a scholarship to any disabled student he recruits to the University of Buckingham, and there is already interest. The first applicants are hoping to join the University in 2022.

Zikang said: “Throughout the 3 years’ experience, I really fell in love with Buckingham. This is the place to study and to live. I feel that the University of Buckingham is a unique, friendly and supportive university for the student. In the University we are not just a number. We are a real person and get a high level of support.”

Scholarship payments will be made directly to the recruited disabled student once they have registered, settled on campus and completed their first term of study at the University of Buckingham.

Sarah MacDonald, Inclusivity Adviser said: “Peter’s presence has enriched the University of Buckingham throughout his time studying with us. His generous gift will provide an ongoing legacy by encouraging disabled learners from around the world to choose our university.”