Britain’s leading professional historians are set to attend Buckingham’s first History Festival

28 March 2019

Taking place on April 27 and 28, the festival will be held on the picturesque grounds of the University of Buckingham and will host top speakers such as distinguished historian of Tudor England David Starkey prize-winning author and historian Jessie Childs and philosopher Sir Roger Scruton.

Other speakers include:

  • Clive Aslet, award-winning architectural historian and journalist.
  • Tim Bouverie, author and political journalist.
  • Sir Paul Collier, distinguished economist and one of Britain’s leading public intellectuals.
  • Saul David, military historian and a critically-acclaimed author.
  • Ophelia Field, one of Britain’s leading experts on the reign of Queen Anne and critically-acclaimed author.
  • Martin Gayford, widely published commentator of art history and contemporary art.
  • Simon Heffer, distinguished historian and author of biographies of Thomas Carlyle, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and King Edward VII.
  • Tom Holland, bestselling author of Rubicon: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic.
  • Martin Kemp, the world’s leading authority on Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Jeremy Musson, one of Britain’s leading writers in the field of history of the country house.
  • Jane Ridley, historian, biographer and broadcaster.
  • Michael Scott, historian of the ancient world.
  • Anthony Seldon, historian, educationalist and political commentator.
  • Lady Anne Somerset, author and biographer of Queen Anne: the Politics of Passion.
  • Miles Taylor, distinguished historian of nineteenth-century monarchy and Empire.
  • Adrian Tinniswood, leading historian of culture and society in the seventeenth and eighteenth century England.
  • Marion Turner, one of the world’s leading authorities on Geoffrey Chaucer.

Speakers will discuss a diverse range of topics such as Churchill, Chamberlain and Appeasement, the Future of Capitalism, Treason and Faith in Elizabethan England, Leonardo da Vinci and the Prime Ministership from Walpole to May.

Vice-Chancellor at the University of Buckingham and speaker at the conference Anthony Seldon said: “we are delighted to host Buckingham’s first History Festival at the University of Buckingham for the very first time. With such a high calibre of speakers it is set to be a spectacular event.”

Speakers will also host book-signings in the bookshop after their talks. Tickets to each lecture are £10. For more information, please visit: