Applied Computing staff and research students at conference in USA

30 April 2016

In April, Professor Sabah Jassim and computing research students Dongxu and Saif attended the SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing (formerly DSS) symposium in Baltimore. Professor Jassim is a co-chair of the Mobile Multimedia / Image Processing, Security, and Applications conference of this symposium that focuses on advanced research in defence and commercial sensing. The team presented 4 publications that covered research into machine learning, image processing and bio-medical pattern recognition and attracted great interest. The SPIE exhibition showcased the latest technologies in defence and sensing whilst the poster sessions were particularly useful in acquiring awareness of emerging research.

Applied Computing at SPIE 2016

Being the first time at an international conference, Dongxu found it a wonderful experience and gained a lot of knowledge about cutting edge research in computing from experts in the field. “It boosted my confidence in my own ability to do research and as well the value of research conducted in my department. Besides the conference, I had the opportunity to go and meet my friend in Virginia Tech. We looked at many interesting projects offered by his institution and participated in a radio project to chase a high altitude balloon by tracking radio signal sent by it. Overall, I feel that the experience helped enriched my vision widely.”

Buckingham delegates at SPIE

Saif presented his work on “automatic layer segmentation of H&E microscopic images of mice skin”. He said meeting other researchers and listening to their presentations were an eye opener and a great experience. Saif’s travel to Washington DC and New York was an exciting addition to the benefits from the conference. In DC he toured the White House and National World War II Memorial, and he explored NY by bus and boat, and took a stunning helicopter tour around the Statue of Liberty.

World War 2 Memorial