World’s First BSc in Operational Excellence

20 July 2018

The University of Buckingham’s Buckingham Lean Enterprise Department (BLEU), together with Reinvigoration Ltd have launched the World’s First Online Bachelor of Science in Operational Excellence.

This programme is the brainchild of Professor Pauline Found, who has been working in collaboration with Professor James Lyons, Managing Director of Boston Scientific, Galway and incorporating the e-learning expertise of Reinvigoration Ltd in Cardiff through alumni Chris Dando who is a Partner, Consultant and Trainer at the firm.

The undergraduate work-based degree is the first of its kind, studied part-time over three years with a substantial component of work-based projects, and has been designed to help public and private organisations alike develop internal Operational Excellence capabilities.

The degree is delivered through four online e-learning modules per year and assessed by work-based projects, presentations in front of an expert panel, and online theoretical exams.

Professor of Lean Operations Management, Pauline Found, Programme Director of both the new BSc Operational Excellence and the MSc Business Research leading to Professional Doctorate, said: “The degree has no existing equivalent and its full flexibility strongly benefits both employers and employees. The work-based learning approach enables employers to tailor the learning programme to the specific requirements of their organisation whilst the programme develops their employees from team members to capable project leaders. The online module delivery will benefit employees who will be able to follow the course at the most appropriate time for them.”

Recent studies have shown that millennials and generation Ys (now aged 20-35) value workplace development and flexible opportunities ahead of financial benefit.
The partnership between The University of Buckingham and companies taking up the BSc Operational Excellence means course attendees learn a business approach, a methodological and an academic approach to Operational Excellence in the workplace.

Chris Dando, Partner at Reinvigoration said: “The online BSc in Operational Excellence responds to the demands of today’s employers and employees for a learning and development programme that offers worldwide recognition and full flexibility for the employer and the employee.”

Professor Pauline Found added: “We have designed the BSc in Operational Excellence with both employee and employer needs in mind and are delighted to see this new degree come to life.”

Students will join company programmes as a group, either self-sponsoring or sponsored by their company and will be required to have a minimum of three years’ experience and a letter of recommendation from their employer. Although the opportunity for individuals to complete the course is currently not available, we already have a waiting list for a future date when this is possible.

Cohort start dates are possible in January, April, July and October. This is for ‘groups’ of 8-25 students per cohort from organisations.

For more information please contact BSEU.