Work in progress seminar by Ossama Al-Maliki, discussing “A Tokenisation technique for improving the security of EMV contactless cards”

Fri 30 Aug 2019
14:15 - 15:15


Franciscan Building Room F06
Room F06, Verney Park


Amy Barnes
01280 828350

Ossama Al-MalikiThis presentation focuses on the EMV contactless card payment and its vulnerability of leaking sensitive information such as the cardholder name, Primary Account Number (PAN) and the expiry date of the EMV card. Such data can be found using off-the-shelf Hardware or Software without the knowledge of the genuine cardholder. We propose a tokenization approach to replace the EMV contactless card’s PAN with a token to protect the genuine data from being found by an attacker and used in Card-No-Present attack or any other attacks. The paper presents a successful implementation of the tokenization approach using a Java contactless card to represent the EMV contactless card.