Lean Enterprise – Foundations, Standardization & Disruption

18 September 2017 - 22 September 2017 

Five-day short course

This stand-alone five-day short course is the equivalent to the first module of the MSc Lean Enterprise programme. Delegates can choose to attend the five days as a stand-alone short course, or on successful completion of an assignment could qualify for an exemption from the first module of the full MSc.



The week is concerned with establishing the foundations for a Lean Enterprise. The module begins with a “look back” and a “look forward” through the history, the origins and the potential future paths. Lean Enterprise is concerned with extending Lean Thinking holistically, vertically and horizontally. Holistically into systems thinking, vertically into strategy/policy deployment and horizontally into innovation, design and supply. Considerations regarding money and people’s part in the whole are also explored.

This module proposes a number of frameworks that are the fundamentals of the Lean Enterprise. As an MSc level programme it is an intensive week and delegates should be prepared for some “contention” of views which is a deliberate BLEU policy to challenge the group to be open to varied thinking.

Download the flyer: Foundations Standardisation and Disruptions (PDF file, 57 KB).  Please scroll down to book.

Who should attend this course?

  • Forward-thinking Lean practitioners who want to extend their knowledge.
  • Improvement champions with a passion for change who want to accelerate their learning.
  • Improvement professionals who are thinking of studying for the full MSc degree programme and want to experience its style, intensity and rigour before making that commitment.
  • Improvement practitioners and managers that already have conventional Lean experience or qualifications and want access to respected leaders in their field.
  • Change agents that are open to expanding their management thinking, conventions and style.

Key themes

  • Lean history and overview
  • Strategy and policy deployment
  • Accounting and measures in a Lean Enterprise
  • The Vanguard Approach
  • Design and innovation
  • Leadership and team aspects of the Lean Enterprise

By completing this course delegates will;

  • Experience the intensity and rigour of our leading MSc Lean Enterprise.
  • Be exposed to different ways of thinking about Lean and improvement.
  • Experience genuine networking opportunities with like-minded Lean thinkers and practitioners.
  • Be challenged by examining the best aspects of Lean and improvement in both manufacturing and service.
  • Gain an unparalleled understanding of the power of the Lean Enterprise.

Accommodation is not provided.  Please download the PDF documents below for information about places to stay and eat:

Venue: Room AdRB1, Anthony de Rothschild Building (directions)

If you have any questions, please email bleu@buckingham.ac.uk or call +44 (0)1280 820140.  Online booking is now available (please scroll down).

Course content

Lean history and overview

  • The development of contemporary lean thinking in terms of the key industrial and academic contributors
  • Key concepts and definitions in Lean Thinking
  • The lessons learnt from the evolution of Lean
  • Lean models and approaches
  • Value adding, waste and work
  • Balancing value, demand and capacity – where waste comes from

Strategy and policy deployment

  • Hoshin Management theory
  • Visualising Hoshin
  • The policy deployment process & its application
  • The basis of the Three Tier Management approach

Design and innovation

  • The role of innovation and design in a Lean enterprise
  • Good practice in relation to understanding customer value
  • The pitfalls of traditional design and innovation practice
  • The dynamics of innovation and the key factors that will determine success
  • Insights into TRIZ tools
  • Innovation failure and what organisations need to do to increase their likelihood of success
  • An innovator’s appreciation of the meaning of ‘Lean’

Accounting and Measures in a Lean Enterprise

  • The current state as described by performance and money
  • The reasons why current accounting methods are inadequate in supporting lean enterprises
  • Calculating the benefits of a flow improvement
  • How to apply cause and effect thinking at a lean enterprise level and better direct improvements

Systems Thinking and the Vanguard Approach

  • Fundamentals of the Vanguard approach.
  • The role of ‘systems thinking’ as applicable in a Lean context
  • Lean principles applied to service organisations
  • Differences between manufacturing and service lean applications
  • Strengths and weaknesses of Lean when applied in different environments

Leadership & Team aspects of the Lean Enterprise

  • Introduction to Lean Leadership
  • The “work” of leadership
  • When do leaders create value?
  • The leadership dynamics of behaviours, beliefs and culture
  • The golden triangle and sustainable lean
  • Changing leadership beliefs


September 18
September 22
£1300 - £1500
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Anthony de Rothschild Building


Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit (BLEU)
+44 (0)1280 820140 / 814080

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