How to Train and Sustain using Job Instruction (TWI) in your Organisation

Mon 23 Sep 2019 – Tue 24 Sep 2019
£300 – £400


Anthony de Rothschild Building


Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit (BLEU)

This course will be lead by approved TWI Trainer and Lean Strategy Manager, Mike Brett.

Training Within Industry (TWI) is a well-recognised and accessible tool for businesses seeking to reduce variation and create standard work in their organisations. Whilst many training methods can be considered effective, TWI Job Instruction delivers exceptional skill retention using many small techniques not present in other training styles. Utilised by both small and market-leading organisations all over the world, this short course provides not only the history and structure of TWI, but also practical tools, using live examples of how to prepare, deploy and sustain a TWI programme in your organisation. Many businesses are now finding that SOPs and traditional standard work documents are simply not delivering the results they want. They become frustrated that their detailed procedures fail to control variation and deliver inconsistent results. This programme will explain why this can occur and what you can do to change it. Furthermore, the sessions will unlock how this can be practically applied and linked to balancing processes (e.g. line balancing) to improve flow.

Course content

  • How to develop a working knowledge of TWI to use successfully in your business
  • How to deliver training using the Job Instruction 4-step method
  • How to recognise and test for variation
  • How to produce and review a Job Breakdown Sheet (JBS)
  • How to prepare internal teams to effectively deliver the 10-hour Job Instruction Programme
  • How to create and sustain the infrastructure required to deploy TWI
  • How to engage with your stakeholders to create the bottom-line deliverables

Crucially, you will leave with an understanding of how, even when deploying standard work, there is a need to understand how to react to the remaining, inherent variation giving you the edge in managing quality, cost, delivery and worker safety.

Reasons to attend

This short course is suitable for anyone interested in achieving standard work or considering the applicability of standard work in their environment. Attendees will typically be from a manufacturing background, however, the content can be adapted to suit other sectors. The tutor, Mike Brett, is an approved TWI Trainer and uses both historical and live examples of using TWI Job Instruction as a training tool and developing it into a lasting system. Mike employs a participatory style of delivery with stories and activities to bring the sessions to life.


Early-bird ticket

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