AI Gaming Minihack

Thu 1 Aug 2019
17:30 - 22:00


Chandos Road Building, Room 4 and 5
Chandos Road
Buckingham, Buckinghamshire MK18 1AL United Kingdom


Amy Barnes
01280 828350

Do you like wining prizes and programming? Then the AI Gaming Minihack event is for you!

The School of Computing and AIGaming have partnered up to create a Minihack event for students with a keen interest and knowledge in programming. Come and learn to use AI image and text recognition using Azure Cognitive Services Computer Vision APIs, and win some awesome prizes!

All levels are welcome and cookies and pizza will also be provided!


  • basic Knowledge of Python
  • a laptop


  • a Raspberry Pi computer
  • Microsoft t-shirts
  • other swag (dependent on numbers)

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