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Dr Soudabeh Bolourian

Lecturer in Business and Management

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Dr Soudabeh BolourianPrior to joining The University of Buckingham, Sudi worked in the Banking Industry for over 12 years in a variety of roles and positions, her last role being an Sudi is a Lecturer in Business and Management  at The University of Buckingham Business School. Her teaching expertise centres around strategy, quantitative methods and economics. She currently leads Information Based Decision Making, Economics for Business and Corporate Strategy related modules.”Organisation and Methods Analyst”.

Naturally this experience has given her a more practical feel for banking, financial and economic issues. Sudi has a BSc in Statistics from the prestigious University of Tehran. In 2012 she completed her MBA while holding a full-time job and graduated with distinction in 2nd place in her entry year. As a researcher Sudi describes herself as interested in “aligning the mind and the heart” in an organisation. The mind referring to Corporate Governance as that represents principle, order and logic for her, the heart bein+C7g Corporate Sustainability as it consists of more emotionally based factors and indicators. The positive impact of Corporate Governance and Sustainability on society as a whole motivates her to focus time and attention on subjects relating to these areas on an academic and personal level. Understanding the importance of both Corporate Governance and Sustainability in business from first-hand experience, she finds the idea of bridging the gap between them both fascinating and vital.

Sudi is currently completing her Phd study at the University of Cranfield. Her research is focused on the impact of Corporate Governance on Corporate Sustainability at board-level. Her research will have both theoretical and practical implications in the business environment.

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