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Prof Len Shackleton

Professor of Economics

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Professor Len ShackletonLen Shackleton joined Buckingham in September 2011 as Professor of Economics. He was previously Dean of the Royal Docks Business School at the University of East London and prior to that was Dean of the Westminster Business School. He has also taught at Queen Mary, University of London and worked as an economist in the Civil Service.  His research interests are primarily in labour economics. He has worked with many think tanks, most closely with the Institute of Economic Affairs, where he is a Research and Editorial Fellow. He edits the journal Economic Affairs, which is co-published by the IEA and The University of Buckingham. Professor Shackleton has published widely in books and academic journals. He is a frequent media commentator on economic issues.

Selected Publications

  • J. R. Shackleton (2019) Editor and Contributor, Top Dogs and Fat Cats Institute of Economic Affairs.
  • J. R. Shackleton (2018) Robocalypse Now? Why we shouldn’t panic about automation, algorithms and artificial intelligence Institute of Economic Affairs Current Controversies 61.
  • J. R. Shackleton (2017) Working to Rule: The Damaging Economics of UK Employment Regulation Institute of Economic Affairs.
  • J. R. Shackleton and Patrick Minford (2016) Editors and Contributors Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Britain and Europe’s Dysfunctional Relationship Institute of Economic Affairs.
  • J. R. Shackleton (2016) ‘Trade-offs and synergies in higher education: where our government gets it wrong’ in James Croft and G. Heller Sahlgren (eds) Steps forward, steps backward: What to make of the government’s plans for higher education market reform Centre for Market Reform of Education.
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