Dr Thomas Jones

Senior Lecturer in History


Lecturer in History

Dr Thomas JonesDr Thomas Jones is a Lecturer in History. He graduated with Distinction from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005, having double-majored in History and International Studies. He received a First Class MA in Modern History from King’s College London in 2007 and was awarded a PhD in History by the University of Cambridge in 2010. He joined the faculty at Buckingham in 2012, having taught at Cambridge, Roehampton University, and Queen Mary, University of London.

Dr Jones is interested in the history of Europe since the French Revolution and is a specialist of Britain and France. His publications, which have appeared on both sides of the Channel, concentrate most often on political, intellectual, and transnational themes. The issues of exile, diaspora, and international intellectual exchange are particularly central to his work, and he is currently pursuing all of these areas in his forthcoming book for Harvard University Press, Liberty’s Refuge: A History of Asylum in Britain, 1680-1920. He is a member of the Royal Historical Society, the Raphael Samuel History Centre, and is a founding member of AsilEuropeXIX, an international team engaged in building a comparative history of exile in nineteenth-century Europe (https://asileurope.huma-num.fr)

He teaches a wide array of modules at Buckingham, including Rivalries and Alliances, Rise of the Dictators, Appeasement and War, Victorian Culture, European Industrial Revolutions, and the Historian at Work. He supervises dissertations on modern European history.

You can contact Thomas at thomas.jones@buckingham.ac.uk.

Selected publications

Definir l’asile politique en Grande-Bretagne, 1815-1870 in Hommes et Migrations special issue ‘Les Mots de l’exil dans l’Europe du XIXe siècle: dire, pratiquer, représenter les migrations politiques’, forthcoming 2018

French Republicanism after 1848, in The 1848 Revolutions and European Political Thought, eds. Doug Moggach and Gareth Stedman Jones, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018

From Republicanism to Anarchism: Fifty Years of French Exile Publishing, co-authored with Constance Bantman in The Foreign Political Press in London, 1814-1914: Politics from a Distance, eds. Constance Bantman and Ana Cláudia Suriani da Silva, London: Bloomsbury Academic, forthcoming 2017

Les Révélations historiques de Louis Blanc et la mémoire de 1848 en France et en Grande-Bretagne, in Regards sur 1848, eds. Edward Castleton and Hervé Touboul, Besançon, France: Université de Franche-Comté, 2015, pp. 115-149

Rallier la république en exil: L’Homme de Ribeyrolles, in Quand les socialistes inventaient l’avenir: presse, théories et expériences, 1825-1860, eds. Thomas Bouchet, Vincent Bourdeau, Edward Castleton, Ludovic Frobert, and François Jarrige, Paris: La Découverte, 2015, pp. 348-360

The French Left in Exile: quarante-huitards and communards in London, 1848-1880, co-authored with Robert Tombs, in A History of the French in London: Liberty, Equality, Opportunity, eds. Martyn Cornick and Debra Kelly, London: Institute of Historical Research, 2013, pp. 165-191

The Memory of the First Republic in Ledru-Rollin’s Political Thought, in Historicising the French Revolution, eds. Carolina Armenteros, Tim Blanning, Isabel DiVanna, and Dawn Dodds, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008, pp. 124-145

Review article: Revolutions without Borders: the Call to Liberty in the Atlantic World by Janet Polasky, reviewed for Economic Affairs, 36 (2016),Blackwell Wyley, pp. 234-236

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