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Dr Mohga Bassim

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Mohga Bassim

Dr Mohga Bassim gained her doctorate in economics in January 2010. She obtained her first degree in 1997 and a Master’s degree in economics in 2002 from Ain Shams University, Egypt.

Dr Bassim joined the Economics and International Studies at The University of Buckingham in the UK, in 2012. She has been lecturing economics to students since July 2013. In 2015, she became the Associate Director of the Institute of International Monetary Research (IIMR), of The University of Buckingham. Also, she is a member of the Econometric Society, UK

Dr Bassim lectures in Econometrics, Statistics for business and economics, and Development Economics. She also lectured a postgraduate course in Empirical Technique and Research Methods in Macroeconomics and Mathematics for Economists. Also, she is supervising two PhD students working on FDI and Renewable Energy economics.  Dr Bassim participates in reviewing papers for the Institute of Economic Affairs Journal.

Dr Mohga Bassim started working from 1997 at National Société Generale Bank, Credit Department and gained graduate professional certificates from the Institute of Banking American University in Cairo, as a Certified Credit Analyst and in Corporate Finance.

She has been lecturing from 2005 to 2012 on Economics, Statistics, Econometrics, Banking, and Finance at the Modern Science and Arts University (MSA), in Egypt (accredited by Middlesex University). She lectured in 2012, Economics to MBA students and International Finance to undergraduates at Middlesex University, UK.

Current Interests and:

  • Economic Development, including women economic development.
  • Econometric Modelling.
  • Energy

Recent Work

  • “Literature Review on Renewable Energy Policies and Impacts”, European Journal of Marketing and Economics, v. 2, n. 2, p. 28-41, ISSN 2601-8659 (Print), ISSN 2601-8667 (Online) May 2019.
  • “Political Stability, Austerity Measures, External Imbalance and Debt Impact on the Egyptian Economy”, A Chapter published in a book on “Impacts of Political Instability on Economics in the MENA Region”, ISBN13: 9781522582472, May 2019.
  • “Catalyst for Empowering Women and Boosting Gender Equality in South Mediterranean Countries: The Case of Egypt”, Forum Euromediterraneen des Instituts de Sciences Economiques (FEMISE), Med brief No 21, September 2019.
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