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Dr John M L Drew, Senior Lecturer in The University of Buckingham's English Department, 6th best in the UK

John Drew joined the Department of English as a lecturer in 1998, after a period of teaching as a Visiting Lecturer in the northern Spanish University of León. He was promoted to a personal chair in 2011, became Dean of Arts and Languages in 2014, followed by Dean of Humanities (2015-2018; 2020-21), and Dean of Academic Affairs in 2021. He is currently also a Research Officer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and supervises research students at Master’s and doctoral level.

His ORCiD is 0000-0002-2214-3112 and his Google Scholar profile is here.


  • MA (BA) Hons, English Literature (Trinity, Oxford)
  • PhD English Literature (Birkbeck, London)

Teaching Expertise

Professor Drew has taught widely across all levels of the undergraduate programme; he is currently responsible for the 1st-year modules ‘Eras of English’ and ‘Literary Journalism, 1642-present’, and 2nd-year courses in ‘Restoration & Augustan Literature’, contributing also to ‘Fiction and Theory’, ‘Renaissance Literature’ and Foundation courses in English Language.

Research Interests

These include 19th-century print culture, the Victorian miscellany, and in particular the journalistic work of Dickens and his contemporaries. Professor Drew directs the international research project Dickens Journals Online, which is centred around open access digital editions of two mid-century periodicals, Household Words and All the Year Round.

External Roles

  • Visiting Fellow, the School of English and Creative Arts, University of Northampton
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Clarendon Edition of the Works of Charles Dickens (Oxford University Press)
  • International review, ARC (Australian Research Council)
  • Regular reviewer for The Dickensian, Dickens Quarterly
  • Peer reviews for a range of academic journals

Contact Details

  • Tel: +44 (0)1280 820380

Selected Publications

  • John M. L. Drew, ‘The Periodical and Journalistic writings of Dickens, “special correspondent for posterity”’ The Chesterton Review 46.3 (2020), pp. 423-440
  • John M. L. Drew, ‘“Humming-tops” and “Steampunk synergies”: Dickens’s Journalism and Non-Fiction since the turn of the Twenty-First Century,’ Nineteenth-Century Prose 46.1 (Spring 2019) pp. 7-34
  • John M. L. Drew, ‘Dickens, Miscellanies, and classical traditions of Satire,’ Dickens Quarterly 34.3 (2017) pp. 221–4
  • John Drew & Michael Slater, “What’s in The Daily News?: a Re-evaluation”, The Dickensian 106.3 (2010), 197-207 & 107.1 (2011), 22-39
  • John Drew, “Texts, paratexts and ‘e-texts’: the poetics of communication in Dickens’s journalism”, in Dickens and Modernity, special issue of Essays and Studies (2012), ed. Juliet John, 40-55
  • Hazel Mackenzie, Ben Winyard & John Drew, “Introduction to All the Year Round, Volume I, April 30-Oct 22, 1859″, Dickens Quarterly 29.3 (September 2012)
  • Hazel Mackenzie, Ben Winyard & John Drew, “Introduction to Household Words, Volume I, March 30-Sept 21, 1850″, Dickens Quarterly 29.1 (March 2012)
  • John Drew, “Reviewing Dickens in the Nineteenth-century Periodical Press”, in S. Ledger & H. Furneaux (eds), Charles Dickens in Context (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011), 35-43
  • John Drew, “The Victorian Newspaper and Periodical Market”, in S. Ledger & H. Furneaux (eds), Charles Dickens in Context (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011), 109-17
  • John Drew & Hugh Craig, “Did Dickens write ‘Temperate Temperance’? (An Attempt to Identify Authorship of an Anonymous Article in All the Year Round)”, Victorian Periodicals Review 44.3 (2011), 267-290
  • John Drew, “Dickens on ‘Poor Hood’: a new article”, The Dickensian 104 (2008), 111-22
  • John Drew, “Pictures from The Daily News: context, correspondences, and correlations”, Dickens Quarterly 24 (2007), 230-46
  • John Drew, “Introduction to All the Year Round Volume 2, October 29 1859–April 7, 1860: Nos. 27-50″, Dickens Quarterly 30.3 (2013), 198–222
  • John Drew, “2011 Michael Wolff Lecture: An uncommercial proposition?: At work on Household Words and All the Year Round”, Victorian Periodicals Review 46.3 (2013), 291-316
  • John Drew, “Reasons to be Cheerful: Leigh Hunt and his Versatile, Trenchant, Observant, Empathetic, Witty Journalism”, in R. Lance Keeble & J. Tulloch (eds), Global Literary Journalism (New York: Peter Lang, 2014), 19-34
  • John Drew, “Charles Dickens, Fiction”, in Felluga, D., Gilbert, P. & Hughes, L. (eds), Blackwell Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015).
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