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Dr Dawn Jones

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

Dr Jones has a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Aberdeen.  Since then she has gained a wealth of knowledge during postdoctoral research into a wide range of topics.

After gaining some teaching experience during postdoctoral positions she accepted a full-time lectureship position at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009.  Dr Jones helped to redesign the programme during the quinquennial review at MMU.  Dr Jones taught a wide range of subjects including Biochemistry, Immunology and Genetics, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as teaching students on the Environmental Health programme. During her time at MMU she gained a promotion to Senior Lecturer and a distinction in the PGCAP teaching degree.   Dr Jones left MMU to take up the opportunity to work in Singapore as a lecturer with Newcastle University.  A new degree programme was being offered to students in Singapore in conjunction with the Singapore Institute of Technology, now Singapore’s fifth University.  Starting from the ground up Dr Jones and the rest of the team in Singapore helped to build a very successful programme with over 350 applicants each year for 52 places.  Before leaving Newcastle University Dr Jones was involved in restructuring assessment strategies and structure of the undergraduate degree programme there.  Dr Jones has taught in several countries around the world, including the EU, China, Singapore and of course the UK.

Dr Jones organised attendance at conferences for the undergraduate students to experience science at the cutting edge and has been nominated for several Teaching Excellence Awards.

Dr Jones holds a strong dedication to teaching excellence and maintaining the student experience and is passionate about lecturing and sharing her knowledge with her students.  Seeing motivated and committed students achieve the careers goals they have set for themselves is amongst her greatest pleasures.  Dr Jones is a keen advocate of using technology in teaching, for example, embedded videos, online classrooms and quizzes.

Research Interests

Dr Jones’s research career to date has led her to be a highly skilled molecular biologist with a strong drive to employ novel concepts and technologies.

Dr Jones has researched many diverse areas.  Her research interests have been and still are in the area of yeast molecular biology, yeast cell wall synthesis and its regulation by the cAMP signal transduction pathway and the generation of yeast cell wall mutants as a means of oral delivery of therapeutics using the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  She also has a growing interest in aptamers and their use in people with allergies.

Other research areas include

  • Ageing research with Professor Richard Faragher at Brighton and Professor David Kipling at Cardiff using microarray based expression profiling to investigate the mechanism of senescence in corneal endothelial cells.
  • Cancer research including squamous cell carcinomas, breast cancer, sarcomas and prostate cancer.
  • Alternative splice effects on treatment regimes.

Dr Jones has a particular interest in alternative splicing and its effect on disease and treatment strategies.  She has a developing interest in areas where genetic analysis meets the individual, highlighting the effect of genetic differences between individuals and therapeutics.

Dr Jones has presented research at international conferences, has published research papers and reviewed books.  She has also been invited to Chair sessions at international conferences for ILSI.  Dr Jones has also been a consultant, helping to troubleshoot technical problems for other laboratories.

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