UBPL Press Release: New 11+ Practice Scheme

10 May 2012

The University of Buckingham Press has published a catalogue for the coming year which includes new online “practice packs” for pupils taking the 11+ exam.

For the first time students will be able to do practice tests at home and go online to find how they compare to their peers in their area.

Tutors or parents will set students the tests and then put the results – but not names – online using a unique access code. Anyone who buys First Past the Post 11+ Practice Papers and does the test can compare their results with others in the area who have done them and whose results are also posted online. They will have a percentage figure showing their result and also their ranking based on the number of people locally who have done the tests. This will give an indication of where there might be a need for more study to ensure success at 11+.

There are four packs covering the subject areas: maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal-reasoning.

Christopher Woodhead, managing director of the University of Buckingham Press, said: “This is a genuine first. Pupils will know after doing a test how they compare with their peers. “

The packs will be published in July 2012.

For more details email: christopher.woodhead@buckingham.ac.uk