Press Release: Alumnus’ new enterprise

7 July 2009

Alumnus of the University of Buckingham, Joshua Cvitan (Economics with Information Systems, 2009), opened his milkshake and smoothie bar yesterday (9 July 2009) in The Centre:MK. Situated just outside the HMV Store near M&S, “The Hydration Station” will offer mouth-watering drinks made with fresh fruit, and some snacks.

Josh says: “Knowing which path to follow is difficult in this economic climate. With hard work, chasing your dreams can pay off. Why not come to Hydration Station, try one of our drinks, and help make another Buckingham success?”

One of his lecturers, Mr Malcolm Rees, joked: “We always knew that Josh was a bit of a smoothie”, and (with reference to Josh’s having taken the Health Economics course) – “Josh is a ‘practical health economist’.”