Alumni Memories

What is it really like to study at & live in Buckingham?

Until you actually come here, it’s pretty hard for you to gauge whether you will like it or not. But don’t be swayed by misconceptions and rumours, read what our students, past and current, have to say about life here.

True life tales

The true accounts and quotes from Buckingham alumni are published here in their own words. They share the things they’ve gained from their time at Buckingham, such as opportunities, life skills and preparation for work, to offer you insight into what studying at Buckingham could do for you.

Formula 1 Racing Driver Marc Gené (winner of the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in 2009) recalls his time at Buckingham in 1993.

William Kehoe, business graduate 2001, explains how the style of education at Buckingham really worked for him.

Blanca Miramón spent some time at Buckingham in 2008 on the MA in Global Affairs programme.

Quotes from alumni
An assortment of quotes, past and present, from people who’ve been here and got the t-shirt!