medical students practicing

School of Medicine

Will you support the best medical specialists of the future? Help us equip the brightest medical minds and remove barriers to a world-class education.

Your support is very important in ensuring that medical students are able to continue their studies without interruption and develop the skills needed to be the clinicians of tomorrow.

The lifeline that this can provide means that students have the financial freedom to focus on their studies and make the most of their placements without financial burden.

Our School of Medicine builds on from the Buckingham ethos of putting the student first and above all else. Our medical school is small enough for our students to be part of a coherent and supportive community, and large enough to provide the experience needed to become a medical practitioner.

The Dean’s Fund for the School of Medicine aims to ensure that the next generation of clinicians are able to pursue their education in as many different environments, contexts and disciplines as possible.

Your gift could:

  • Provide scholarships to our most academically able students to allow them to develop their knowledge and skills
  • Invest in new and upgraded facilities for our medical students to advance their knowledge
  • Support students whose studies are jeopardised by unexpected financial hardship

Please make a gift today to ensure that current and future generations of medical students at Buckingham are able to gain the best possible education and experience in medicine during their time at Buckingham.