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Public Involvement Forum

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Public Involvement Forum is a community of volunteers who use their knowledge, experience and skillset to help students studying medicine at the University of Buckingham to become outstanding healthcare professionals.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences recognises the value and importance of involving patients and the public in the students’ education and value the members of the PIF who contribute their unique and invaluable expertise and experiences.


Lay Representative

A Lay Representative is a member of the public who serves on a board or committee. Roles within these committees are advertised when they become vacant, and Forum members are invited to submit expressions of interest.

There are several boards and committees which support the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, for example:

  • fitness to practise,
  • mitigating circumstances
  • hardship and bursary committee

Let us know if you are interested in serving as a Lay Representative when filling out the membership form.

Expert Patients

Around half of our membership is made up of Expert Patients, who share their experiences with our Medical Students and help them to understand their condition. This is a valuable experience, as it enriches their learning and extends their knowledge base beyond the curriculum.

Let us know if you are interested in acting as an Expert Patient when filling out the membership form.

General Members

We welcome people from all walks of life who want to be a friend to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. General members can play an active role by joining meetings, attending University events and volunteering for other roles, such as assessing at our Student Selection events. Please click the link below for a guide on the Selection process.

You can let us know how you’d like to be involved when filling out the membership form.

Lilia Bogle

Mrs Lilia Bogle

Forum Leadership

The Chair of the Public Involvement Forum is Mrs Lilia Bogle.

Lilia has had a long and successful career in the NHS, working in Clinical and Corporate Health Care Management. With her expert knowledge and experience in leadership, Lilia has ably led the group since 2020, increasing membership and engagement significantly. She is also a professional Life Coach, helping people to reach their potential and achieve their goals.


Our supporters give up their time and share their knowledge for the benefit of the faculty and its students. As a thank you, we have created a package of benefits to be enjoyed by members.

  • Membership Card
  • PIF Newsletter
  • University Library access
  • Vinson Building Café and University Bookshop
  • Tanlaw Mill – Bar and Refectory
  • Exercise Classes at the Health and Fitness centre.
  • University Event invitations

Find out more on the Benefits of Membership (PDF).

Become a member

• Meet our amazing students and be a part of their journey.
• Engage with our warm and inclusive forum with regular meetings, news and event invitations.
• Be part of a wider University of Buckingham Family.

The PIF is open to everybody and joining is easy.

Simply complete our 5-minute membership form.

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