International Student Officer



About me

I’m an international student who currently studies Psychology with Applied Computing. I started my studies at Buckingham in the fall term of 2019. I am excited to represent the international students here at Buckingham and to make Buckingham a better university for all students. I’ve had quite an international experience growing up. I was born and raised in Kuwait, however I am ethnically Sri Lankan.

My role as International Student Officer

  • Representing international students at Buckingham
  • Ensuring that international students at Buckingham have a fulfilling cultural experience while at the U.K.
  • Ensuring that international societies get the support they deserve
  • Help freshers get accustomed to studying in the U.K.

My Goals

  • Ensuring that when international students come to the U.K. they will have an enriching experience of what the U.K. has to offer.
  • Effective representation of international students
  • Advocate for cultural enrichment trips to be planned during the term so international students can visit other British cities and truly experience the U.K.
  • Create a guideline that will allow international students to seamlessly fit into the British environment when they arrive as freshers.

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