Equity and Inclusion Officer


I started at Buckingham University in January 2019 after gaining some experience doing a business internship with BSH. I chose to study Business and Management at Buckingham because I found my internship so rewarding and wanted to improve my knowledge of the industry. As well as working on the Student Union I am also president of the Business Society and a student representative for the Business Teaching and Learning Board which highlights my passion and drive for representing the students at this University!

My Role

My role on the Student Union is Equity and Inclusions officer. To me this means making sure that all of the students in the university are treated equally, fairly and inclusively. It is my role make sure that all students have the resources that they need to enjoy their time at Buckingham and to create and promote diversity initiatives for the University.

My Goals

  •  Spread the knowledge and create events for different awareness weeks and celebrations to involvement with the students.
  • Set up a freshers guide and a way for new students to get in touch with the different societies before the start of the semester, to make the move to Buckingham less daunting and allow students to start connecting with others before arriving.
  • To make communal areas more accessible for all students so that everyone can attend the event going on around the campus.
  • Plan day time events that all students can enjoy.

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