The “epidemic of teenage and young adult depression and anxiety” is sweeping across the UK and is front page news.

MeeTwo is an app that was created for teenage and young adults which allows young people to tell their stories in their words. Students do not always realise that when they are having a hard time and one of the most effective ways to make yourself happier is to share those feelings with someone else who is also having the same problem. MeeTwo works by sharing both worries and solutions and others end up getting support that they need.  Often realising that you are not the only one or what you are going through is kind of normal is often enough to lessen your anxiety. MeeTwo is a safe platform because every post and reply gets screened before it goes live. It is also anonymous so students can talk about virtually anything. It is quick and easy to use and it is free to University of Buckingham students.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store.